The New Adventures of Louise: Brows, Sugaring & Skin Care

November 1, 2015  -  5:01 pm

What fun would life be if we didn’t embrace a new adventure now and then? And so here we go…a new adventure, a new trail to blaze. The thought of what lies ahead is more than just a little exciting but it also gave me the chance to pause long enough to take stock…and come up with a few things I know to be true. These truths will light the way to the next chapter…and I am glad to have you along for the ride.

Why I do what I do
I love to create beautiful spaces for women (and a few guys too) that elevate the senses and draw them into a sophisticated environment they can truly experience, if but for a moment. My passion is to deliver those services at a high level of expertise and talent. At the core of all of this is the foundation of learning, practice, and care.

Delivering services at a high level of skill, technique and style is where it’s at for me. To me there is no other way to do it. In order to do it ‘right’, you must have the right foundation in learning. And then practice, practice, practice. I guess in some ways I am a maestro!

To the client, what we do is the foundation for their body and skin, performed in a way that turns what can often be a negative experience into a sublime encounter. Creating this in an intimate, clean, and safe environment is paramount. When done with care and without judgement in the room (another function of expertise), it establishes a deep bond with the client. In the public space of the business it facilitates a female community of solidarity.

The core tenants of what I do:
– Skill (technique and artistry)
– Environment (beautiful, clean)
– Feeling (communication and safe environment)

What does that mean to me? Continuous  learning that results in skill and excellence, understanding, knowledge, sophistication, and grace. A collaborative environment that supports and shares knowledge. It’s not just about the skill set however, it’s about how you conduct yourself, how you carry yourself and the value in that.

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