Foundation Life: Me Versus my Vitamix

January 26, 2016  -  8:39 pm

Quote #2
“Everything you wish for is on the other side of fear”
– George Addair. Or overcoming my fear of the Vitamix Blender

I saw this quote hung in my girlfriend Muriel’s bathroom in Toronto this summer. Whereas Begin It Now by Goethe inspired and motivated me, this one I recognized deeply. This past year has been a time of confronting some of my greatest fears. Perhaps facing our fears is one of the most difficult task of our lives. It holds us back and keeps us down, unable to reach our full expression. It creeps into our lives in all kinds of situations, even in the simplest of ways.

Fears come in all forms and sizes. Today as I unpacked my Vitamix blender I was reminded of the tiniest gap between fear and of transcending it. Here I am opening a Vitamix blender that I have ordered for myself on sale at Costco, all excited because it is the blender of all blenders that can do all things. First, it’s big, like almost the size of a 4 wheeler. Second, I’m not really sure how to use it. There’s instructions, which I could read, but there it is, that fear of the unknown holding me back. Instead I text my good friend Timothea and tell her my Vitamix arrived and …”I’m afraid of it”.

Now I’m a smart chick and I’ve done things, but here I am being taken down by a Vitamix blender. The manual remains in its’ wrappings even though I know that if I open it I will be able to figure it out. Funny how that works, right? Sometimes, even though you might be afraid, it’s just about putting your head down and keep plowing ahead. That’s at least what I have experienced in things big and small even. In the end it can just come down to simply taking that one small step. So wishing for a great smoothie, tomorrow I will open the manual, and even though I’m a wee bit intimidated I’ll step into my kitchen and take a shot at making something.

xo Louise

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