Having a Laugh…with The Laff (and some brow shaping!)

February 1, 2016  -  9:18 pm

I love my neighbourhood! I was visiting with the ladies at Amanda May Lingerie this past summer when I pounced on Deek Labelle’s brows (pictured below). It was a busy day at the store and we were all chatting (as us girls tend to do while shopping), when I noticed that Deek was in need of The Brow Architect. I told her I would love to take care of her. The interesting thing is, when I do this, the reply often comes back that their eyebrows were just done! Not missing a beat, I reply, “I think we can do more,” and leave it at that.

Even though her brows were just done, Deek took my advice and let them grow in a bit, then came to visit me – and so began her brow makeover! During the course of appointments I have come to know a little bit about Deek and her family who owns the Lafayette Tavern in the market. Getting to know people and gaining insight to their world is just one of the wonderful aspects of the work I do. As Operations Manager of The Laff, Deek has been knee deep in renovations to the tavern and the place is looking amazing, reflecting a depth of pride and capturing a history that is something to behold. Deek is a burgeoning mover and shaker and a passionate promoter of local business in the Byward Market area. This past summer she started a Business Owners Facebook page along with Mandy Gosewich (who owns the great store Stunning Fashion Accessories on York Street). The Facebook page brings together local owners to help support and promote our local businesses. It was great to be involved and to watch how this created a sense of community in our area. Watching Deek take charge and get things done makes me keep thinking…hmmm, future Mayor of Ottawa! You never know…it was predicted here first, people.

So, Deek came for her brow appointments and showed me something fabulous. Following the renovations at The Laff, a new picture was needed to hang above the fireplace! To represent the business that is so steeped in history with a distinct and strong culture, Deek suggested that they go with the theme of ‘The Last Supper’ or ‘The Laff Supper’ in this case! The staff and some veteran regulars took part and I think the result is quite brilliant thanks to Photographer, Jean Lapointe. Staged at 18 Restaurant, the photograph (above) speaks for itself. Fabulous job. Congratulations to all at The Laff on a job well done!

xo Louise

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