Sugaring… The Beginner’s Mind

February 19, 2016  -  12:57 pm

Sugaring or learning to sugar can be a humbling experience – from my point of view anyway. When I teach sugaring, I always make a joke that you have to become ‘one’ with the sugar, similar to being one with ‘The Force.’ Funny right? I’m not kidding… You really have to learn to wield the sugar, otherwise it will wield you. This means being relaxed and in particular, knowing your stuff. I realize now that part of why I wasn’t comfortable with my sugaring when I first learned was mainly because I wasn’t taught any of the finer points of technique that I later discovered through my own practice.

Being a beginner, when we are already experienced in so many ways is not always easy and can be uncomfortable. When I went to Toronto to work and specialize at Sugar Moon in 2009, I had been practicing as an esthetician for a number of years and sugaring for only a year or two. I felt like a real green horn, especially going into a salon where sugaring was all they did. Boy did I sweat it out those first few months; I got myself pretty worked up and doubted my ability, I couldn’t adapt quickly enough to the variables – cold room, hot room, soft sugar, hard sugar, full body sugaring… It was exhausting! Of course we are our own worse critics, which can be both good and bad – it spurs us on to achieve more, but it can make for a painful journey along the way.

Ultimately, I gave myself permission to be a beginner, I absorbed everything around me, asked questions, and listened. Eventually, everything fell into place – that’s the cool thing about learning. I talk a lot about this when I’m training – the importance of allowing yourself the opportunity and giving yourself permission to learn. We all feel this need to instantly perform, but seriously, who are we kidding? I’m at the point in my life where I’m okay if I don’t know stuff. Heck, it doesn’t make me a lesser person, in fact, it takes a lot of pressure off.

Be bold enough, and courageous enough to say you don’t know, or ask the question that everyone else in the room is probably thinking. You never know what you might learn and where it may take you. Once again, curiosity is the key!

Louise xo

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