Skin Care Beauty Tip: Stop Wasting Products!

February 24, 2016  -  3:27 pm

I have to admit I stopped a lady at the gym early one morning as she was doing what I am about to describe below. The fact that she was just in her underwear didn’t stop me and fortunately she was very thankful for the information! At the time she was wasting a good amount of serum, so I felt it was just my duty to intervene! Truth be told, I couldn’t help myself – lol. Since it’s that time of year when our skin needs every drop of moisture that we put on it, I thought it was timely to share this little tip.

Perhaps this relates to you – when applying product there is a tendency to work it onto your face with your whole hand, right? So, where do you think most of that product is being absorbed? By your hands of course! Even before the product gets to our face, we tend to automatically rub it into our hands. Think about this next time you dispense your product.

So here’s the thing…you are wasting a significant amount of a quality product in the palm of your hand, and your face isn’t getting all the benefit! So here’s my little 1-2-3 on how to do it properly:

The first BIG TIP: Always apply products to damp skin after applying toner, or leave your skin slightly damp after cleansing. This helps your product travel well and apply evenly. If you apply the product to dry skin you will use more as it will run out faster. Follow this tip to ensure your product goes further and save yourself the money you would have spent replenishing wasted product!

The second BIG TIP: On your face, use your fingertips only! For everything – serums, eye creams and moisturizers. If you want to spread the product out a bit just press and pat your fingertips together to dispense. No rubbing!

The third BIG TIP: Serum Application
If you are using a thicker serum that won’t trickle away:

  1. Pump serum onto your fingertips,
  2. Lightly dab onto your forehead, cheeks, and chin,
  3. Blend in using only your fingertips! (I typically pump onto my left index and middle fingertips, press together with my right fingertips, then lightly dab the product onto both sides of my face).

For liquid serums, and to avoid wasting any product:

  1. Pump into the palm of your hand. With your other hand, dip your fingertips into the product and deposit it onto your upper face.
  2. Press the product that is remaining in the palm of your hand onto your chin/cheek area.
  3. Finally, blend the product in using only your fingertips.

So there you go – product application simplified. Who knew!

I think we foolishly thought that with winter coming so late it was going to be a breeze to get through. Hah! Wrong! If you are beginning to feel the effects of winter on your skin, then here are a couple of great products that can be easily added to your moisturizing routine. Moisture on Demand by Circadia will boost your hydration and can be used on all skin types. This product is especially good for acneic skin that is naturally oily, but feels dry. Another great product, Hydralox by Circadia, can be applied on top of your moisturizer, locking it in and protecting your skin. I’ve been using Hydralox with PCA skin Collagen Hydrator and I’m loving the effect (great as a primer for makeup too). Both come in 0.05oz bottles and are reasonably priced at $38 and $37 respectively.

xo Louise

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