My Sugaring Master Class: When Women Work Together Amazing Things Happen

March 23, 2016  -  4:16 pm

A Summary of My Master Sugaring Training

You know you’ve done a good job when someone leaves a training session saturated and full, and somewhat overwhelmed. Learning means growing – its’s not easy and certainly not comfortable. I’m pleased to report that the Master Sugaring Training session I held a couple of weekends ago ended just like that.

What a great weekend we had and such a great opportunity for me to work with a seasoned esthetician. My goal was to impart the finer aspects of sugaring technique, particularly in Brazilian sugaring. To that end, I demonstrated how you can do a Brazilian that isn’t painful, how not to get stuck in certain places (it’s all about angles), and that there is no need to use force or muscle to remove the hair (believe it!). Thanks to the Ladies Who Lunch group we had full complement of volunteers over the course of three days. Each volunteer was incredibly patient and helpful as we discussed, analyzed, and worked on a variety of technical elements.

It’s one thing to be shown how to ‘do’ something, but truly learning and connecting to the ‘how’ is something completely different. I’ll be honest, when I was first exposed to this gentle sugaring technique, I wasn’t exactly sure how to connect to what it was that made it work – I really didn’t know what I was doing! Over time I connected my body with the technique and then found ways to illustrate this to my students. This is teaching at a deeper level. It requires extreme patience to teach, and a combination of patience and true grit to learn.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the delivery of services and in particular the elements of technique. Over the weekend it was wonderful to have someone who is a seasoned veteran in the industry to chew this over with. We agreed that although there is training, there is little qualified expertise at a more advanced level. Expecting to be Brazilian-ready in one training session is impossible for a beginner in sugaring – the physical technique itself needs to be developed first. Without help and guidance, so many estheticians give up on sugaring, or they figure it out with workarounds, or are guided by others who have developed their own workarounds. Either way, the result is often poor technique and the delivery of a painful service (I’ve experienced this first hand – ask me about the time I got sugared and almost lost my cookies!).

Here’s some food for thought: imagine being able to walk into a spa knowing that you can guarantee the quality of your service, regardless of who provides it. If you want qualify and assess your service provider, ask about them their technique.

Hint…sugaring is a method of hair removal, not a technique. Sugaring alone is not enough. Think about it.

Over the past few years it has been my passion to develop a technique and approach to Brazilian sugaring that results in much gentler hair removal. Despite what you may think – it is possible! I am passionate about sugaring and equally passionate about sharing this skill. My goal is to inspire and foster a general improvement in technique in an industry where there is little to no standard. My Master Sugaring Training was a significant step closer to this overarching goal of mine, and what a success it was!

Louise xo

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