Introducing AlumierMD Skin Care: The Products and My Philosophy Behind the Switch

April 20, 2016  -  1:12 pm

I have some very exciting news for you about skin care. I’ll try to keep it short and simple, because we are all too busy and the last thing anyone needs is more stuff to read! Drowning, anyone?

But first, there’s a story – hello, of course there’s a story!

When I started in esthetics my first love was skin care. It was such a discovery for me. I loved the idea that facial treatments and proper skin care could so dramatically affect the skin. I was in my mid-forties at the time so I was truly able to experiment and experience the difference that the correct prescription and skin care products could make as I aged. I was making a big career change at that time – from high tech to esthetics – and I remember thinking that the worst that could happen is I learn how to take good care of myself. Well I’ve done that and then some! Sure, I’ve probably got good genes, but I equally attribute the quality of my skin to the products that I have used since graduating.

2009 was a period of discovery and a turning point on all levels in my professional development. This was when I was introduced to a different kind of method that led to my ‘gentle technique’, which many of you have experienced in both my sugaring and waxing. Just prior to leaving for Toronto in 2009 to specialize in sugaring, I had begun working with skin peels. When I returned to Ottawa after mastering my sugaring technique, I was introduced to PCA SKIN treatments and skin care products. In the same way that Sugar Moon Salon in Toronto was a game changer in my sugaring technique, PCA did the same in how I approached and treated skin.

I now had access to products and treatments that truly corrected skin. I can’t even tell you how excited I was. I was able to do ‘good work’ with the mainstream spa products, but with the PCA medical line I was able to affect change in skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and pigmentation. But it didn’t end there, for those who know me well, you know I like to take something and make it better! What ensued was a quest to develop my expertise and create options in skin treatments other than peels. Don’t get me wrong, I love peels – they truly are game changers when it comes to correcting the skin. That said however, not everyone can put up with the peeling and other conditions that come with a peel. What I was looking for was an alternative to the traditional spa facial that was more corrective and results based, at a reasonable price point. Today, the result of that is what you see in my signature ‘Foundation Facials’. These facials are the culmination of researching and working with many treatments in the last few years to arrive at a solution for a more profound and totally customized treatment. That’s the treatment part that I provide to you.

Now let’s talk about skin care.

Why am I introducing the AlumierMD skin care line? Good question!

In short, there are 3 key reasons: quality, accessibility, and affordability. Over the last few years, regulation requirements were beginning to inhibit product coming across the border. As this was happening I found myself worrying about how I could continue to address your needs and provide all of the options necessary to do so, at a reasonable price point. Well, it seems that someone else was worrying about that too – thankfully the folks at AlumierMD saw this coming and started to prepare.

I made the choice to transition to AlumierMD because their skin care product line has surpassed the performance of other lines I have used, due to their advanced formulations. This is an amazing time to launch a new product line as skin care technology has come so far; but it’s not just the technology that attracted me to this line, it’s the philosophy. AlumierMD understands that great skin care requires a knowledgeable and qualified skin care professional to assess and guide their client with the correct prescription for their skin and concerns. I wholeheartedly agree – that is the power and the secret to revealing your best skin. I’ve done it and have seen the results, over and over again. This is one of the things I love about my work.

What is different about AlumierMD is that they truly care about you and the results they can give you. Even more, they care about me as the professional who facilitates your journey to healthier skin. It doesn’t get any better than that. Hang on, yes it does – the products are made in Canada!

All this makes me so happy, because I can continue to deliver results in treatments and home care products. What’s more, there are some new products in the line that have provided more options in areas that I couldn’t really affect previously – rosacea and sensitivity specifically (ask me about it!). So there you have it, and that’s just the philosophy behind it all. Just wait until I start talking about the products and ingredients!

Like the saying goes ‘change is good’ – and in this case, it really is. Let’s get started.

Louise xo


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