One step closer to the skin I used to have, thanks to AlumierMD!

May 26, 2016  -  1:58 pm

I have to say, my AlumierMD products are bringing my skin to a whole new level. Love, love, love the Ultimate Boost Serum – instant brightening. I’ve been using the Lightening Lotion to reduce some of the more stubborn pigment in my face and I’m seeing some immediate improvements. I’ve also been using it on my ‘old lady’ hands and my large pigment spot has lightened! I’m also super impressed with the Hydradew night cream. It’s been a while since I’ve found a moisturizer that can do such great work on the skin. It is packed with power peptides and it hydrates with soothing and nourishing actives to boost your skin!  I love the fact that all of the AlumierMD moisturizers are SO ingredient rich.

This morning I tried the Enzymatic Peel home care mask for the first time and WOW – like the lady said – it gave me “all the feelings”. Combining 10% lactic acid with fruit enzymes and hydration, it not only brightened my skin but I was pleasantly surprised by how much it smoothed and tightened it. They aren’t lying when they claim that it “minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation”.

I know I won’t get back to the skin I had when this picture was taken…but heck, I’m going to keep working it, and my AlumierMD products certainly help!

Yes, I was in love with Lady Diana – can you tell?

Louise youthful skin


Lady Diana – Photo from Vogue Magazine 1981

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