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November 21, 2016  -  12:13 pm

Read the instructions, it’s amazing what a difference it makes! 
I’m sure that most of you who know me, know I love beets.  And I mean LOVE beets.  Lately, I’ve been making a yummy salad with grated beets (recipe to follow). So here I am trying to find the easiest way to grate my delicious beets. I invested in a mandolin and all I can say is that I spent more time cleaning up than doing the grating. Then I figured out a box grater technique by using a glass storage container, which worked better but was still messy.

So there I was recipe swapping during a brow appointment, when it was suggested to me that I use my food processor to do all the work. I had heard that this was possible, but not being a food processor kind of person, or ever being taught to use one growing up, I was a little intimidated with the idea. Well… it’s amazing what happens when you open the instructions and take a few short moments to read them. Curiously, the gap between coming to the point of reading those instructions can be so great compared to the short time it actually takes to read them.

This morning I grated to my heart’s content: beets, carrots, and then I moved on to shredding cabbage. I like to make a batch of grated beets because they store well and can be added to many things. Not only do they taste delicious, they are super good for you and ensure that everything is working properly, if you know what I mean.
Salad Base:

Combine 2-3 large beets and 4-5 small carrots, grated. Douse with a liberal amount of good quality vinegar (I like white balsamic) and olive oil (approx. 1-3 vinegar-to-oil ratio). Refrigerate in a glass storage container to soak.
Kale & Pomegranate Salad:

– Add a bunch of finely shredded kale to the salad base,
– Shred a handful of fresh mint,
– Toss in a generous amount of pomegranate seeds,
– Thinly slice some red pepper into the mix,
– Add the salad base (grated beet and carrot mix),
– Top with ¼ cup toasted pumpkin seeds (the secret yummy ingredient!).
Toss all salad ingredients together and drizzle with the pre-mixed olive oil and vinegar. Delicious!
To mix it up you can make the following changes:
– Add small currants instead of pomegranate seeds,
– Add thinly sliced red onion or finely chopped onion to you oil/vinegar mix,
– Throw in some chopped romaine for extra texture!
Note: Everyone always asks me what I put in my salad dressings. Easy – just good quality oil and vinegar. I have come to the conclusion that if I can spend $20 on a bottle of wine with no compunction, to spend about the same amount on a bottle of good olive oil and vinegar is no big deal – except the difference in taste really is. Treat yourself well and invest.


Louise xo

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