The Pursuit of Perfect Skin & Eyebrows

March 23, 2017  -  2:25 pm

Having perfect brows and glowing skin on your wedding day is a must. This weekend Foundation Beauty will be helping brides at the Love, Handmade Wedding Show achieve their perfect skin and brows for their special day – and every other day for that matter! Come by the Foundation Beauty booth on March 25th to explore the true potential of your skin and brows.


Foundation Skin

My approach to skincare? Keep it simple and easy. We all have way too much on the go and more than enough to do, and let’s face it, it’s hard to know what is right for your skin when there is so much product variety and information out there. So, when it comes to skin care, let me be your guide. Using my knowledge, expertise, and performance products from Alumier MD, let’s take the guessing out of what you need so that you can get on with all of the other things that life is throwing at you. Check out my Back To Basics blog post on skin care for some helpful starter tips.


All About the Brows

It’s amazing (but not surprising to me) how eyebrows have become such a big focus of attention in the last few years. I love doing eyebrows – when I’m working on brows I’m in my happy place, I find it soothing somehow. I get excited when a new client walks through my door with a brow challenge. The bigger the challenge, the calmer I get. I recall one client who came to me in need of considerable eyebrow correction…I just spent time looking at her, watching how her brows moved as she spoke and then I announced, “I’m excited.” She told me that the usual response she would get was “I don’t know what to do.”  Needless to say, I transformed her brows that day!

Eyebrow work is what originally got me into the beauty industry. I don’t even remember when, but somewhere along the road, I started doing everyone’s brows. It came to the point that my friends either said, “please do my brows”, or “please don’t look at my brows!”

Eventually, I started getting asked, “why don’t you become an esthetician?” It feels strange now to look back on how far I have come since then. But, loving what you do doesn’t necessarily mean the end-result will be good. What is it that makes a great brow service? And why am I known for producing some of the best brows in Ottawa? Details people. It’s all about the details. To me, it’s always ALL about the details, in everything. I seem to have an eye for the smallest details – knowing exactly what to do. I’m not going to give away all my trade secrets here, but I will tell you that just eyebrow waxing to remove the hair is not enough. The brows need to be detailed and checked from many angles including seated (the true view). Eyebrow shaping is not about going up inside the brow arch – much of what I do is done from the top of the eyebrow so that volume is not sacrificed. Ultimately, it’s your brow that we are shaping, so the end result must be the best version of you, using what you have to work with. Trust me, there is always hope!

So bring me your eyebrows – in whatever shape they may be in, and let me be the judge of what we have to work with. You might just be surprised by what we can do with them!

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