Moving My Brow Shaping & Hair Removal Services Next Door!

April 27, 2017  -  10:34 am

Yes, I am moving to the apartment NEXT DOOR! So, rest easy, it’s just one door away!

As of May 1st, I will be in my new space at 131 Guigues Avenue, Apt. 3.

So, why the move?

Well, for starters – a larger space to grow my eyebrow, skin care, and hair removal business – along with a refreshed look! That being said, the treatment room will remain a tranquil, cream colour. I must admit, I’m excited for a bit of a change and the chance to fluff a new space!

I’m currently writing this blog as I sit on a flight back from the UK visiting my sister. I love travelling – it’s such a wonderful opportunity to reflect. I am looking back on the last 2 years since Foundation Beauty was launched and I am delighted to say that I’m in a great place. Over the years this private practice has given me so much insight – my brand and direction have never been clearer. To me, what I do and the way I do it is a very big deal and I think about it often. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you, and having you as my sounding board.

My passion is to deliver services at the highest level of quality so that you have the very best experience. When I first launched my business, I used the tagline: Foundation Beauty, where everything about you and your service matters. Although my business has evolved over time, this tagline still embodies my passion for my clients and my service. I continue to be excited about my work daily – whether doing hair removal, skin treatments or brow shaping. Lately, I have been particularly excited about the facial work I’m doing with AlumierMD products. The results are phenomenal and allow me to target skin issues (especially acne and buildup) in deeper ways than I have ever been able to. If you haven’t had one of my AlumierMD facials yet – it’s time to book one!

As for sugaring and waxing, you’ve started to hear me talk about ‘hair removal’ rather than solely ‘waxing’ or ‘sugaring.’  I have come to realize that what I do is great hair removal – regardless of the product being used. Interestingly enough, I’ve started to combine the two products in Brazilians to a better effect than ever before.

It goes without saying that brow shaping continues to be a passion of mine. I feel so much satisfaction when I transform a client’s brows and they walk out of my treatment room feeling completely confident and beautiful.

~           ~           ~

And there you have it!  Change, but nothing too drastic, just a couple of extra footsteps. The new doorbell will be clearly marked #3 FDN, and there may be a small sign directing you down the hallway, just to help things along to begin with.

I look forward to welcoming you into my new space!

Louse xo

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