Travel report and discovering ‘ME TIME’

November 28, 2017  -  1:58 pm

It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from Ecuador and Galapagos Islands and I have been struggling with which photos to share with you. I have so many to choose from! The “too many choices” dilemma is not surprising considering my inclination to organize and systemize. So naturally, I had to go through mine and others, select and sort, and put into categories for you – go figure.  Now there’s some insight into Foundation Beauty – we love fine tuning, in the name of making your life simpler.

This trip was an incredible experience.  Travelling through the central Andes mountains was breathtaking and truly fed my soul. At sea, and with limited WIFI, I had permission to completely disconnect my head and just swim, nature-watch, read my book and drink wine (heaven).  In the easy company of my dear friend Muriel and some great people on the trip, it really was the break I needed. I hardly gave a thought to work – for realsz!

travel buddies

Some exciting changes and developments are on the horizon in 2018.  Returning with space in my head and clearer insight, I am planning to carve our more ME TIME in my business. This means that  for the first time in a very long time, I will be taking 1 day off a week – Wednesdays, to be exact.

I had a feeling this trip would impact my personal growth. Getting away highlighted the importance of personal time, and I’m now determined to make it top priority in 2018.

Not saying it will be easy to make this shift…but it’s amazing what happens when you pull up your big girl pants and take the plunge.

Wishing you a peaceful and productive couple of weeks.

xo Louise


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