Dry Skin Getting You Down? Help Is On The Way!

January 19, 2018  -  1:50 pm

Everyone agrees – the weather this winter has just been the WORST, especially for our skin. But fear not! There’s hope. Here are three helpful solutions to relieve all your winter skin woes and revive your face and body.



The face is often where we feel winter dryness first. Skin becomes tight and sometimes even cracked. This is why an effective facial moisturizer is essential, and the one I stand behind with confidence is Recovery Balm by AlumierMD. Packed with soothing, calming and restorative ingredients, it is the answer to flaking, irritated and moisture-thirsty skin. Our clients are loving the protection and result of this product, especially those suffering with Eczema.


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Itchy, dry skin all over the body can be downright maddening. Here’s the life-changing solution: dry brushing! I have been doing it for years and it works wonders, giving you smooth, supple skin. You do it just before you hop in the bath or shower. It takes barely a minute and in addition to soft skin, it stimulates, detoxifies, and eliminates dry cell build-up, so your moisturizer or body oil can penetrate deeply. Pat dry after your shower and apply your cream or oil – easy peasy! Personally, I love the Merben Body Brush because you can access your whole body with ease, without having to twist yourself into a pretzel.


Body waxing, brow architect, bikini, Brazilian, sugaring, skin care



Not only are dry lips unsightly – they can also be painful if they crack. The best answer to dry, chapped lips is Jane Iredale Lip Drink. For the longest time, I was addicted to a lip product that I needed to continually apply – I couldn’t go to bed without feeling like I had to put some on. I now realize this is because it contained petroleum-based ingredients and was actually drying out my lips!  When I started using Sheer Hydration, this problem was resolved and since then I never feel like I need to put anything on at bedtime – well, except my PJs! With SPF 15 and simple packaging, it’s good for everyone (including the guys)! Available in Sheer and some pretty tinted shades as well.

See? With a few stellar products and a simple daily routine, you can keep your skin soft, supple and smooth throughout the winter months. Take that, dry winter skin!


Body waxing, brow architect, bikini, Brazilian, sugaring, skin care


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