February 14, 2018  -  12:39 pm

My Valentine, Miss J

On Valentine’s Day one year ago, Miss J came looking for help with acne, especially the intense breakouts on her face and chin. Acne had always been a part of her life, but over the previous year deeper breakouts (cysts) on her chin had been appearing. After trying many different options, she arrived at my door. Like many clients I see, Miss J had tried an assortment of products to solve her skin problem, but nothing was working. Frustrated, uncomfortable and self-conscious, she wondered if I could help solve her acne problem. I want to share Miss J’s story and how we used our intelligent and customized approach to change her skin!


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I’m sure you will agree from the pictures that we were very successful! Thank you, Miss J, for being brave and letting me share these. Like many when they come to me, Miss J still had a supply of skincare products. Understanding the investments already made I came up with an approach that wouldn’t involve dishing out for new products and ditching what she had. Understanding that peels would be the first course of action due to the depth of the breakouts on her chin, we started with a series of peel treatments and decided to introduce one strategic active serum – Calm R. Knowing the peels would do the bulk of the heavy work to overcome the acne, we decided to introduce other AlumierMD products as her products ran out.

Between February 14th and June 28th we did 5 treatments in total. I was so excited every time I saw Miss J – her skin was getting better and better. In June, she replenished Calm R and began using HydraSmooth night time moisturizer. I didn’t see her again for a facial until the end of November when she purchased Bright & Clear Conditioner (can’t say enough about this product) and the Acne Gel wash. Fast forward to the end of this January when we did the last treatment – what a difference! With the acne resolved, we are now focusing in on correcting the scarring and skin texture with .25% retinol and ongoing home maintenance thanks to the amazing Enzymatic Peel (a genius product). This is a perfect example of a cooperative relationship that combines treatments and strategic product investment for amazing results – yay us! Kudos also goes to Miss J for being consistent and following her homecare program and post peel procedure.

As you can see from untouched and makeup free pictures, Miss J’s skin is radiant. Looking back over the pictures we took to document her progress, I have noticed that her whole complexion is so much better. For me it is especially gratifying. Working with AlumierMD over the last 2 years has been a game changer, particularly with acne-prone skin. Whether upping the game at home with the right products or a mixture of home care and treatments, the results are stunning!

At her last treatment in January we spent some time looking over the last year of pictures and looking at her treatment file. It was then I noticed that our very first appointment was February 14, 2017. “You can be my Valentine!” I said. Even though she has a cute boyfriend, she didn’t seem to mind. And how could I resist sharing.


Happy Valentine’s, Miss J. You are beautiful.

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