June 11, 2018  -  11:40 am

Protect and treat your skin this summer by arming yourself with this arsenal of pro skincare products.

I really want to take care of your skin, and I know you do too.

I think we can all agree on this inescapable fact – we need protection from the harmful rays of the sun – the #1 cause of aging. Rather than bore you with the lengthy explanations why (don’t get me wrong… I’ll be more than happy to regale you in person during your next appointment), let’s talk about the awesome solutions for protection and treatment of your skin this summer.

The truth is, protecting and treating your skin is made easy by AlumierMD. Using their products is like eating chocolate – guilt-free! They feel good, do good and make you look good. Without realizing it, you are doing all the right things and getting those feel-good results. LOVE.

 Here are my top AlumierMD picks for summer. Drum roll please….


#1 Protect with Sheer Hydration Moisturizer ($48)

Can’t say enough about Sheer Hydration. For normal to oily skin types, I describe it as a power packed moisturizer that happens to have SPF. Loaded with free-radical-quenching antioxidants (those radicals are real, people) that work in compliment with a UVA and UVB factor of 40, Sheer Hydration is silky and sheer, feels great, and absorbs quickly. Fun fact: reactions to sunscreens are typically due to the chemical (and harmful) filters contained in the product. No worries here – this is a chemical-free product. Good ingredients only!


#2 Condition with Bright & Clear Skin Conditioner ($47)

This product is here because it is brilliant! And I believe everyone should be using it. As you can see, I feel passionate about this product. Bright & Clear is a leave-on skin conditioner that gently, evenly and continuously exfoliates your skin with hydrating lactic acid. It contains a rich source of vitamin C and calming ingredients. Continuous exfoliation, the lazy girl’s dream, encourages cell turnover and helps products absorb more effectively. Vitamin C protects against free radicals and lightens pigment damage. Applied like a traditional toner, it is easy-peasy and can be used by anyone! A no-questions asked, must-have product.


#3 Treat with EvenTone Serum ($96)

AlumierMD has a number of pigment solutions, but I really want to highlight this particular treatment serum because it works on sun damaged and pigmented skin in a number of ways. Do you notice brown spot areas (often upper lip and cheek bone area) become intensified in the summer? EvenTone serum is a plant based, highly effective way of keeping your emerging pigment under control in the summer sun and heat. It will degrade and lighten your sundamaged/pigmentated skin AND inhibit new pigment surfacing. A must-have product for clean-up and keeping that pigmentation under wrap.


Contact me to get yours!

Louise xo

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