How a post about a can of wax became a self-exploration story! 

August 10, 2018  -  3:22 pm

I really do love the Cream Banana Wax that I use, but since I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve your waxing experience, I’m currently experimenting with a gel wax. It spreads very easily and works with oil, eliminating the need for powder – which I really like. It’s also pink, which is always appealing for me!

Seeking better ways of doing things comes naturally for me, I do it without thinking. It’s kind of in my DNA. And according my Kolbe A™ Index result (a test that measures one’s behaviours driven by instinct, not IQ or personality) I am a person who likes to ExplainSystemizeStabilize & Restore. Ha! Well that’s no shocker, I hear you say.

That said, we don’t always connect to the obvious and frankly most of the time I don’t even know I’m doing it… it just comes naturally. I always thought that my techniques in sugaring and waxing came as a result of creative output. (I wish!). After the Kolbe A™ Index analysis, it all made sense. I realized I was just doing ‘me’; continuously seeking better ways of doing things, which ultimately resulted in a superior technique in hair removal.

In the end, this means I’m in the right place, doing the right things because I’m happy doing it. Heck, isn’t that what we all want? Moreover, my clients reap the benefits, so now we are all happy!

In the pursuit of happiness in what we do, especially at work, there are so many pressures on us – externally and from within. Knowing ourselves better and more deeply, in my opinion, is the first part of that work. Perhaps you might learn how you do ‘you’ with your Kolbe A™ Result.



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