Pausing My Social Media

December 13, 2018  -  3:17 pm

What happens when you have built a business that keeps you busy serving clients *all the time* and you spend more time thinking about what you need to post instead of what you need to do?

You take stock, and you hit pause.

So much has come together in 2018.  My big two: Remaining a private practice so that I could focus exclusively on my craft and my clients. And perfecting my unique method for figuring out what your skin most needs, day after day – a completely personalized approach, made with care. #gamechanger

After I made the decision to start looking inward, and listening to my thoughts, interesting things happened. With a renewed focus, my attention fell purely on the business of doing business– aka what happens in the room. Which in the end, is what you’re here for.

Which has led me to this: I want to take time to finish some work, instead of just thinking about it. To enjoy the process (what a concept!) and give space to inspiration. And with that, create a fresh approach, and a different way of articulating needs in skin care. Today, I am giving myself permission to step away from social media in order to devote my undivided attention to my clients.

Unplugging from social media doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to stay in touch. You can still book online to see me whenever you need. If Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is the easiest way for you to share me with family and friends, by all means do so. The channels are still there, and I am grateful for your referrals and support.

Meanwhile, the real business, ‘the do-ing’, providing the best service continues – as it should – in the room.

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