Ever read a magazine article about finding work or a profession that gives you joy and passion, somehow wishing it could be you?   That was me before I changed careers (yes, even if you are in your forties, you can find “it”).  It’s funny how our life’s path works.  Never did I expect to become an esthetician known as The Brow Architect with a reputation for quality and expertise, and yet the clues were always there.

Doing things right has always been in my DNA, I am not sure why, but I just love the idea of fine tuning something until it is refined, polished, and works like clockwork.  It simply pleases me.  Perhaps the seeds of this profession were influenced early on when, as a young child, I would watch with fascination as my Mum squeezed my Dad’s blackheads, waiting eagerly for the day I could do it!  Then there’s the lineage of resourceful, independent women that I hail from, many of whom were entrepreneurs.   Something was calling me.

When you know, you know… That was exactly how it was when I started in Esthetics.  I knew.

In 2005 I began what I now know was the ground work of my practice.  All the while honing my skills, I began to see the gaps in the industry, particularly in the area of training, technique, and how services are delivered.   A 2009 Sugaring training session at Sugar Moon in Toronto changed my professional life and became the turning point and inspiration to develop a specialized practice of skill, artistry, and technique in specific services.

Ever seeking improvement (bless my Virgo heart), my path continues in this field and it is my joy and passion, my oxygen.  I’m sure I will be 80 and still doing brows!  I do what I love and I love caring for clients.  Ultimately, it all comes down to what happens in the room – the combination of that skill, artistry, and technique and of course, the connection.  This is my practice.  Where do we go from here, what else can we accomplish together?  How about creating a standard of excellent practice in this business?  So, my path goes on…won’t you join me?

xo Louise