The Brow Architect
As one of the key features on your face, you want your brows to look fabulous and be perfect. Whether you are blessed with brows that simply require skillful shaping, or if you have serious brow issues, you will be in the hands of someone who just knows what to do. A brow shaping with Louise Green, a.k.a. The Brow Architect, has changed people’s faces – and some will say their lives! With a gentle hand and an eye for creating the most complimentary shape for your face, Louise will sculpt them just right and never too thin. All brow work and face waxing is done using a high quality hard wax and a gentle release technique. Brow Shaping
Brow + Lip
Brow + Lip + Chin
Full Face (excluding brow)

Great skin can be achieved at any age. Your best skin can be revealed when the right ingredients are involved: performance products + expert advice. As experts in the field, we have tested and reviewed all skincare options available, to offer the best and most effective products and treatments to our clients.

AlumierMD is an exclusive medical skincare line (Health Canada approved) that gives you noticeable results quickly, without invasion or irritation. As skincare experts, we are truly thrilled to work with advanced products in our treatment room and provide you with outstanding homecare products that really work. Beautiful skin is within your reach – truly!


For general skin care needs, if you want to brighten and stimulate your skin or if you need extractions,
we suggest a Foundation Facial

For deeper skin issues such as pigment/sun damage, major acne, and aging concerns,
we strongly recommend a Chemical Peel


Foundation Facial   $100 – 60 mins
Exfoliation and hydration are at the core of this facial; your skin will be refreshed with a two-step exfoliating process to renew, brighten and smooth. Rounding out the treatment is a creamy hydrating mask and a Brightening Accelerator containing skin brighteners, antioxidants and anti-aging peptides. Customized to suit all skin types, including those with sensitivities, you will see noticeable results without aggravation.

Foundation Acne Facial    $125 – 75 mins
Customized to suit acne skin with the Refining Clay Enzyme mask.  A combination of active ingredients draws out impurities, stimulating cell turnover while calming and soothing. Special care is taken with our unique extraction technique so that your skin is not disturbed; significantly reducing discomfort and potential for scarring.


Commonly misunderstood, a chemical peel is one of the most effective ways – in terms of cost and result – to correct major skin concerns such as acne, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, all without downtime.

Applied with expert knowledge and technique, clients are very pleasantly surprised at the level of change they see in just one treatment. Contrary to popular misperceptions, they leave with a healthy glow and smoothed skin – not with the flaming red and irritated skin typically associated with these treatments.

What facial peel is right for you? Leave that to our expert hands to determine! The AlumierMD medical line (Health Canada approved) has an intelligent and comprehensive range of peel blends and concentrations, allowing us to customize a treatment for your specific skin issues. In some treatment scenarios, you may require a peel product that results in minor peeling/flaking 2-3 days post treatment. However, many of the peel blends we use have no post peeling whatsoever. Based on your skin and lifestyle we can accommodate an outcome that is best for you.


For a thorough clean up and glowing skin – a single facial peel treatment will give you a great result

For deeper and more long-lasting results, and especially where more corrective action is needed – a series of 3-4 facial peels is recommended

AlumierMD Facial Peel    $155 – 60 mins
Foundation Beauty has developed a multi-faceted approach to chemical peels. Our treatment protocol is unique because we know how to combine and layer different products along with the proper peel solution for maximum results. Every approach is individual because we know how to read your skin and select what will work best for you.

An enzyme mask to pre-treat and prepare your skin for more effective absorption comes standard with this treatment. If your skin is sensitive or on the dryer side, we will hydrate your skin first to avoid irritation. Any additional products we determine, such as serums, finishing masks or additional peel layers are all included in this flat price. This ensures no confusion for you and allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Note:  Depending on the type of peel used, a Post-Peel Recovery Kit may be required ($35.00)


The best and most gentle alternative to waxing – sugaring – hurts far less than you can imagine. You will find Foundation Beauty’s technique different. Our gentle technique was born from the belief that an uncomfortable service could be made much more comfortable. Developed over time and with practice, our technique is efficient and gentle rather than fast and furious. You are positioned comfortably (no crazy, weird contortions here!) and guided through your service so you feel safe, secure and at ease. The best part: great hair removal that lasts and re-grows without discomfort, itchiness or in-grown hairs.

Bikini   $35
The bikini is simply removing the hair on the outside of your panty line, or leg crease.

Extended Bikini   $40
Moving inside the panty line, we remove the hair to make a tighter line all the way up the sides and clean up and/or remove extra on the top.

Extended Bikini + Bum  $50
The step before a Brazilian, this is a super in-between option. Moving inside the panty line, we remove the hair to make a tighter line all the way up and clean up/or remove a section at the top. Then we do the ‘Extended’ part and finish with the bum. Trust us, from here you may move onto a Brazilian, but you will never go back to a straight bikini!

Regular Brazilian (every 4-5 weeks)   $65
The optimal timing for your best Brazilian result is monthly. In some cases, and depending on your hair growth, it may be 5 weeks (conditions apply).

First time Brazilian (or 6+ weeks)   $75
Book this service if this is your first Brazilian, or if it has been 6 or more weeks since your last Brazilian. This ensures that we have the right amount of time to complete your service properly.

Underarm   $20
Please resist using underarm product before your appointment. Thank you!